Night Goddess

“I hope you enjoy reading my books, as much as I have enjoyed writing them. My goal and dream is to have my books stocked in book stores around the world. I would be thrilled if these developed into a movie saga. Thank you for your continued support.”
Steve Pierce

About the author

Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce was born and raised on an Iowa farm with his parents and three older sisters. His parents Boyd and Jean were poor tenant farmers. Growing up Steve never knew they were poor as his life was full of love and happiness. Steve helped daily on his parent’s farm. Enjoying farming, he found a farmstead close to his parents and started farming on his own. Steve married Vicky and they had four children; Danielle, Nicole, Derek and Ashley. Steve and Vicky’s children had a total of five grandchildren; Zooey, Braylon, Bentley, Olivia and Pierce. He continues to farm with wife on their home farm. A farm crisis in the late nineties led Steve to look for off the farm employment. He worked for many years at an agricultural equipment manufacturer until he retired from the factory.

Steve has always been a compassionate and honorable man. Through watching his parents farm and work hard, he developed a noble work ethic, which is a character not be over looked. True to his word and honest to a fault he has been an upstanding role model to his children. Steve is a loving and dedicated son, husband, father and grandfather. Family has always been a priority for him and he has bestowed that in his children.

Steve has always enjoyed watching movies with his wife and family, especially horror films that have some humor. These interests led to his desire to write his own book. Steve has always had his own image of how vampires would be. Steve envisioned a vigilante vampire who strives for a normal life. While he was working at the factory he started the first book, “Emele’s Night Goddess.” This helped Steve mentally escape from the financial struggles of being a small family farmer. “Emele’s Night Goddess” the story of a wealthy middle aged man wanting to regain his youth and looking for love, a quest that leads him to a life of vampirism. With the first book written, his family, friends and readers wanted a continuation from the book that left them intrigued and hanging on for more. Steve wrote the second book, “Emele’s Night Goddess – Family Rivals.” The Second book developed the sisters, showing their true colors. It also follows Emele and his wife, Constance, as they return to his home and reopen some hidden secrets. With his third book published, “Emele’s Night Goddess – Ian,” Steve yet again leaves the reader on the edge off their seat. Needless to say, once you finish this one you will be glad to know there are plans for a fourth!


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Emele's Night Goddess

Emele Dracula is a rich and powerful young man, but running his companies leaves little time for romance. When he realizes his youth is fading, he turns to an African tribe for the promise of longevity. The ritual is interrupted causing a side effect of vampirism. He adapts to a night life and is semi-happy, until he meets and falls for a young woman. With an enemy on his trail, he is separated by time and distance from his one true love. He will embark on a long journey to find her hoping to rekindle their flame.

Book III (Ian)

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Emele’s Night Goddess, Book III, Ian – continues the saga of the bloodthirsty vampire family. The sisters continue their lives in New York City and try not to draw any unwanted attention. However, word of their past life in Vegas has spread to a new vampire, Ian. Is Ian this unwanted attention? Ian has been following the stories of a serial killer who used vampire tactics on her victims. Ian longing to conclude his theory that the killer is in fact another vampire, follows the trail to New York and in turn to the sisters.

Through Ian’s hundred years of life, he learned that each near death experience increased his strength. Through this strength Ian grew a sense of superiority and arrogance which lead to a bold and reckless life on the run. Ian seeks to understand how this family can live so commonly, seemingly blending into the New York night life.

Ian seeks out the club, “Queen of the Night” and connects with Claudia, the youngest, most daring and power hungry sister. Seemingly naïve and drawn to Ian’s audacious persona, she unknowingly lets him draw information from her. Once Claudia finds out Ian has a companion, she pushes to secure he is hers.

Emelia, the oldest sister, born a vampire, tries to control her new growing power. Suspicious of Ian, she takes it upon herself to investigate Claudia’s new interest.

Is Ian’s strength a threat to the family? Will he and Claudia develop into a romance or will Ian be the push to send Claudia over the edge into the life of degradation? Will this new vampire separate the sisters? Is there truth in Emelia’s suspicion? Is Ian a friend or a force to be reckoned with?


" I am a football fan and I was watching my team play. I thought I'd start reading Emele's Night Goddess during the commercials. After I started reading, I was missing my game because I wanted to read one more page. "



" I really enjoyed all three books and tell my coworkers how good they are. I can't wait for book 4 to come out. "
" I loved reading the first book and it made me want to hear more. "



" I was reading book 2 and got so in to it, I lost track of time and was a little late for work. "
" I loved Emele's Night Goddess. It was exciting and fun to read. "



" I really liked the book, and the Claudia character is a stinker and a pot stirrer. "
" Liked them all. Book 3 is the best one yet. "



" Just started reading the series. Really got into book one and am loving book 2. Will soon be on book 3 and am waiting for book 4. "
" Loved all three books of Emele's Night Goddess, and told my friends how good they are. Can't wait for book 4. "



Prior to reading this book, I had no interest in the subject of vampires, and I had never really seen or read anything related to this genre. Mr. Pierce's book was recommended to me, and I'm glad I opted to purchase it. Within the first 20-30 pages, I was totally wrapped up by this story, and kept reading and reading despite the fact that it was late, and I was quite tired. I kept telling myself, "ah, 1 more chapter", then, "1 more chapter" until I was suddenly at page 90. The story continued to twist and turn rather unpredictably, and my interest continued to grow over the 4 nights it took me to finish 'Goddess'. I appreciate that the author offers ample detail for the reader to paint the picture in the mind (much like the Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler I've read), yet tactfully peruses through scenes of a more explicit nature, leaving something to the reader's imagination. The complete and realistic dialogue and clever banter between the characters give this story a familiar and realistic feel, despite the fictional nature. Overall, an entertaining and quick read, chock-full of passion and excitement.
" Ian tossed the head to the woman's feet, but she was paralyzed with fear, unable to move. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. "

This book expands on a story that was begun in two earlier volumes. In this continuation, readers learn more about the fate of a virtual family of vampires, and, in particular, sisters who are living their lives in relative anonymity until a stranger arrives on the scene.

A New York club called Queen of the Night is where Claudia and her sisters perform as strippers. One night, Ian, also a vampire, walks in. Ian recognizes Claudia for what she really is, and being the dominant vampire, he begins to pull her into his web. Their potential relationship gets complicated quickly as Ian's companion, Nadia, begins to suspect that Ian is making plans to replace her. Agendas begin to collide. Non-vampires are soon in danger of becoming vampires. Claudia comes to believe Ian is after both members of her family and what they've accomplished. Soon, as the saying goes, hell decidedly breaks loose.

When it comes to sex and violence, author Pierce doesn't spare the latter. He vividly depicts necks being bitten blood running freely, claws ripping into flesh, and heads being torn off. He even describes the differing tastes of blood - blood accented by fear, anger, hate, love, or, most strongly, lust. Sex, on the other hand, is addressed without graphic detail. His vampires' dialogue has the ring of everyday conversation. However, his literary effort is perhaps most noteworthy in the colossal life-and-death brawl between his major protagonists just prior to book's end. It's quite likely that vampire aficionados will find this fast-paced tale rather tasty -- assuming one has a taste for the macabre.

Xlibris - Book Review by Joe Kilgore

Ian continues to make his way to New York City. There he hopes to find a woman connected to serial killings in Las Vegas. A woman rumored to have vampire tendencies. There is a night club in New York called Queen of the Night where Ian believes this is the place to find her. But what exactly will he do when he finds her? What are his motives for searching this woman? In the meantime he befriends Claudia who is also interested in the vampire lore and wants to hear all about Ian's stories. Yet, is Ian as infatuated with the fantasy as Claudia is? All the while Emelia grows stronger as she evolves into her vampire powers, but the question remains of whether she is gaining control or is she becoming increasingly unstable. The sisters strive to live their night lives as normally as possible. They don't want to draw any unwanted attention to their family. Is Ian this unwanted attention?

Vampire lore is a subject that continues to captivate audiences of all ages. The mystery, the danger and the passion fuel fantastical storylines. The idea of vampires lure readers into many entertaining, thrilling magical stories, as in Steve Pierce's novel Emele's Night Goddess. While this is the third book in a series, it can stand alone on its own. The tale entices readers with excitement, anticipation, and intrigue. With twists and turns happening at every corner, you never know what to expect next. You will find yourself saying "one more chapter, just one more, please," only to find you have finished the book in one night. There are a few explicit scenes, but Pierce tactfully narrates them to allow the reader's imagination to run wild. Readers are drawn into Ian's story and feel connected to Emelia and Claudia, as if they were close friends.

The dialogue and character interactions are very realistic and evokes humor as character barrier, go back and forth. This allows the characters to feel familiar and adds depth to the tale. Pierce offers enough detail and backstory so that the readers can pick up this novel as a standalone book; rather than the third book of a series. Pierce gives his audience a thrill which will leave them hungry for more. Pierce's writing style is detailed yet simplistic at the same time. He paints a clear picture of his story for the fans; It is easy to see what he wants us to see. Overall, Emele's Night Goddess is a unique vampire tale. It is an entertaining and quick read; one filled with passion, excitement and a smidge of danger. Fans of the supernatural world, especially vampires, will enjoy this book. It is a real page-turner, the type of book where you go into it expecting one thing and are pleasantly surprised with what it turns out to be. Readers will not be disappointed when reading this novel.​